Thursday, July 17, 2008

more pics

More pics

Mary Molloy's 2nd Birthday

My computer has been down so I have not been able to post any pics of MM's 2nd b'day. It is so crazy to me that it has been 2 years since she was born. Both b'days in Zurich! Crazzzzzzzzzzzy!

We had a great Sunday as we celebrated her b'day a day earlier with our neighbor Amy and our other friends Andrea and Ben. All adults which meant the b'day girl was the center of attention.

Amy was so sweet and got her a dress up set...holy cow she loves it! She danced all evening for our guests. I think we adults had more fun than she did but it was a blast.

This Saturday we are having a little b'day party in the park with her 2 boyfriends Colin and Layton....they a turned 2 within a week or so of eachother.

We miss everyone and are looking forward to getting back and catching up with you all!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rainy Lunch

Okay a story from Mindy:
We awoke all excited about our lunch date with Andrea. We were going to sit outside downtown with MM and have a salad. Great!
I was running late...of course and it had started to rain. We decided to go to the italian restaurant next door....they had a high chair so all was good. MM ate some of our pizza....we had a glass of wine. It was nice until MM started getting a bit nasty. She wanted to get down and take her shoes off. Nice....we really are from the south since I let my child walk around a rest. with no shoes. Ha!
Anywho, we finished and said our goodbyes....Andrea went back to work and MM and I next door to Coop City to do some grocery shopping. We finish and head outside to a massive rain shower. NICE!
No umbrella...not that I could carry it anyway since I had to push our stroller through the tram lines up and down curbs. Running in the rain we make it under the cover at the tram stop to catch the number 8. Now the rain decides to pick up with the wind...nice.
The 8 comes and no one is getting on that can help me and for some reason I decided to buy everything heavy i.e. potatoes, wine(of course), etc. So I hoist MM into the tram all while getting soaked. MM has a rain cover so she is enjoying that mommy is getting drenched I am sure.
2 stops later we reach our stop and luckily a gentleman offers to help me with the stroller...great right. Well yes until my grocery bag breaks...nice. We manage to pull it all together....still raining and wait to cross the crosswalk. Another exciting moment was the cars splashing massive puddles all over me...once again MM was fine since she had her rain cover....she loved it!
Soaked from head to toe carrying a broken bag and trying to push the stroller we eventually make it to our outdoor stairs. MM gets and walks up as I carry the soggy bag along with a bag of potatoes....just as we get to the door the bag of potatoes break. NICE!! Seriously??
In the door we go after picking up all the the rain.
Oh and now I realized I must go back down and get the stroller out of the rain and carry it up to our apt landing.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Days

Hello All! I hope you are having a good week. This week thus far has been fairly quiet but HOT! We have been up to 90 almost everyday and again with no AC.
Yesterday we went to our Moms N Tots get together. We used to meet at the church but now that it is summer we go to different outdoor places around the city. We went to the pool in Zollikon which is just down the lake a bit from our house. A tram and bus ride away.
Let me say that this was the most amazing facility I have ever seen. There were 4 indoor pools, 1 with 2 massive slides. 4 outdoor pools. It was by far the cleanest pool(go figure it is the Swiss) I have ever been to and they had a lot of grassy areas in the shade so you could lay out your blanket and have a picnic too. So fun. The other moms played in the baby pool...which was nice but I wanted to play in the big pool. So MM and played in the big pool...she loved it and I think I loved it even more!
Other than that life is pretty quiet right now. Today MM and I are meeting our friend Andrea down at the lake for lunch. She works nearby and is going to meet us.
It is supposed to rain later today which I am kind of excited about...maybe it will cool things off!
Over and out from here and I hope all is well with you!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My complaint of the day- only 1 I promise!

Okay- While my parents were visiting the weather was beautiful...sunny breezy and cool in the shade
My complaint.....they need some AC here! I am way too American but there is no place to cool off. We have to walk everywhere which makes you sweat and then you go into your flat and it is so hot! Trying to manage the location of the fan, closing shutters to keep out the sun....ugh!
I have sweat more in the last 3 days than you could ever imagine. The best place to go cool off is the grocery store. SAD!
My poor parents were sitting on the balcony to catch a breeze soaking washclothes in ice water for there necks! It was hysterical. I guess you had to be here to get the jist but I had to file a complaint with someone....Thanks for listening!! Love and miss you all!